This page features my published writing in my current role as an academic historian and my past roles as a public historian and professional writer. 

I am an American living in Sweden with my Spanish husband and our two children, and have recently (January 2024) defended my Ph.D in history at Linköping University with my dissertation titled, “Afterlives: Jewish and Non-Jewish Polish Survivors of Nazi Persecution in Sweden Documenting Nazi Atrocities, 1945-1946.”

My writing and historical research have gone hand-in-hand with traveling and living around the world. In 2002, I left my corporate career in public relations to live and travel as both a freelance public relations professional and writer/historical researcher. I wrote many articles for print and online publications as part of both of my professional identities.

I published my first book in 2011, a collection of essays titled "An Unusual Journey Through Royal History," which was followed by two more books of essays. In 2012, I gave up public relations completely to focus on my writing and research, although this decision coincided with the arrival of children, so my work was set aside while I dedicated myself to full-time parenting. 

In 2016, I returned to my writing and research after we moved from Spain to Sweden. My research and writing focused on various historical topics with a focus on women's history, Swedish history, and 19th to early-20th century social history. My efforts were centered on writing non-fiction that contextualized historical people and events, and informed and engaged readers on historical subjects. This included two blogs (A Bit of History and History Writers Resist Trump), regular contributions to The Local Sweden, and other history-related essays and articles for various outlets. 

In September 2019, I began working on my PhD in History at Linköping University within the Department of Culture and Society (IKOS) and defended my dissertation on January 19, 2024, in conversation with historian Professor Tony Kushner of the University of Southampton. You can learn more about my academic work on my university profile page. I also currently serve on the editorial board of Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals. Formerly, I worked for two years as the editorial assistant for Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural Research.

Please take some time to browse the small part of my body of work that I have featured on this site.

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