I am an American professional writer and historical researcher currently living in Sweden with my Spanish husband and two young children. 

My writing and historical research have gone hand-in-hand with traveling and living around the world. In 2002, I left my corporate career in public relations to live and travel as both a freelance public relations professional and writer/historical researcher. I wrote many articles for print and online publications as part of both of my professional identities.

I published my first book in 2011, a collection of essays titled "An Unusual Journey Through Royal History," which was followed by two more books of essays. In 2012, I gave up public relations completely to focus on my writing and research, although this decision coincided with the arrival of children, so my work was set aside while I dedicated myself to full-time parenting. 

In 2016, I returned to my writing and research after we moved from Spain to Sweden. I research and write on various historical topics with a focus on women's history, Swedish history, and 19th to early-20th century social history. My efforts are centered on writing non-fiction that contextualizes historical people and events, and informs and engages readers on historical subjects. 

I currently have two blogs (A Bit of History and History Writers Resist Trump). I also write a monthly column for The Local Sweden, which alternates between immigrant family life and historical topics, and I have contributed other articles on historical subjects relating to Sweden. In addition, I write and publish history-related essays and articles for various other outlets. 

I am always looking for opportunities to write for quality publications, and am currently seeking a position as a PhD candidate at a Swedish university.

Please take some time to browse the small part of my body of work that I have featured on this site, including my blog, A Bit of History. I also invite you to subscribe to this page to be notified when new articles are published.

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