On this page you will find translations of my writing, press and other articles that quote or mention my research and writing, and occasions when I served as a historical consultant.


Articles written by others in which I’m quoted regarding my writing and research.

El Confidencial

La falsa historia de Qajar, la princesa con 13 pretendientes que se suicidaron por amor. (By Borja Rodrigo of El Confidencial)

As the viral “Princess Qajar” junk history meme makes its way around the world, some are taking not of its false and demeaning tone. Reporter Borja Rodrigo of Spain’s El Confidencial newspaper is one of these. He contacted me after finding my article on the subject, “‘Princess Qajar’ and the Problem with Junk History Memes” (which can be found on my History Articles page), and interviewed me for an extensive article on the subject.

What is beautiful? Really? (By Billy of SOWERS)

Billy of SOWERS was also suspicious of the so-called “Princess Qajar” junk history meme that I wrote about back in December 2017 on my A Bit of History blog, “‘Princess Qajar’ and the Problem with Junk History Memes” (which can be found on my History Articles page). During his investigations on the subject, he came across my article, which he quotes in his piece. It’s great to see positive momentum built in this way.
Värnamo Nyheter

Gammalt flyktingläger lockade amerikan till Öreryd (By Hanna Nordemark)

In July 2017, I was interviewed for a Swedish newspaper, Värnamo Nyheter, about my research and writing on the World War II-era refugee camp in Öreryd, Sweden, for survivors of Nazi concentration camps. This is the resulting article, written by reporter Hanna Nordemark. You can find my original article, "History Dies Deep in the Woods: The forgotten Nazi concentration camp survivors in the forests of Småland," on my History Articles page.


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Historical Consultations

Works written and produced by others for which I served as a historical consultant.